Monday, August 19, 2013

What Is Coffee Until Wine?

You're probably asking yourself what is Coffee until Wine mean? Is this a crazy chick with some serious addictions?!

While I won't deny I am thoroughly addicted to coffee and I won't confirm that I do love a glass of wine occasionally, this blog is not about addiction and my habits.

Coffee Until Wine is a blog for the women (or men, I won't leave the men out) who are in that age range of past their partying days. Where you start your day with a bold cup of coffee or tea, then end it with a lovely glass of vino with dinner, or on the porch with a book.

On my porch with a book with a nice, cold glass of Moscato. I live in a gorgeous area of Buffalo and my favorite place is in my Adirondack chair reading and people watching.

I am a very active reader. I read quickly and constantly. I almost always have a book (or my nook) in my purse. Plus, if worst comes to worst I also have the nook app on my iPhone.

So what do you have to look forward to in the Coffee Until Wine blog? A lot of book reviews! Some recipes! A fair amount of fitness stuff! And I am sure it will continue to evolve into more. :)

That's just a real brief, quick overview. I will make my first real post tomorrow, which will be a book review.

Until then... K.B.

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